♥ Royal Pony 1 year anniversary " Magical Bunny" ♥

Hello cuties ☺
Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of our meet up "Royal Pony" ♥ I got the feeling that the time pass to fast and i´m still feel like 16 ^^
Because not everyone knows how it started so i gonna tell some story about us " Royal Pony" ☺
About 1 year ago i bought my ap pony-bag and i was by my old girlfriend (i don´t know her anymore >_<) and she gave my pony bag the name "Mr. Fluffypuff", we were takling about lolitas and how great it would be if there´s a bigger meet up in our location ☺after a long talk we went to Düsseldorf to spent some times together and met 2 acquaintance lolitas in a bubble tee store ( yuki and miri ♥) we were sitting and talking to eachother and i and my friend told them about our plan to organize an own meet up, yuki and miri were excited so we plan how we could organize this meet up, but before we organize anything we need a name for our meet up ☺ Our group of sweet lolitas were all loving the pony bag i bought and so i proposed to name our meet up something with "pony" and then "Royal Pony" was emerged ☻ ♥ not a really long story but still a nice one to tell ☻
Yesterday we were in the aquazoo and in a chinese restaurant, because the weather wasn´t really nice we couldn´t take much pictures but it was a great day for me, i really enjoyed the time with my friends and i could meet some new lolitas ☻ 
Here are the pictures, i hope you like it ☻

me in fancy box ☻

Andrea with her selfmade dress ♥♥

Meri in Meta dress ♥♥

in the restaurant ☻

our obligatory picture and the last picture of the day ♥♥

☻ I hope you enjoy reading my blog ☻
See ya !


Last Puri Y_Y ♥

Hello guys ☺ I´m so sad, on the last saturday i met my friends to go to a jap. store named OCS they got a purika machine and they was going to close the store on sunday, so we went to take the last purika together and bought some stuff from the sales ☺ After we took some purika we were really hungry * i haven´t eaten breakfast * so we went to a jap. restaurant named Don and i ordered toriteri don *its a grilled chicken with rice and sauce *__* it was really yummi ☺  after the lunch we took many pictures on the way in the city and i was so happy when we met strangers who knows lolita or asking for the reason why we dresses so cute like doll ♥_♥ in all i was really happy on that day althought the weather was really cold ☺ i hope you like the pictures and of course my coord too ♥♥♥

 in the train ♥

me and Andrea ♥♥

the last Purikas Y_Y

in the restaurant * Andrea and on the right Meri BF

Meri and Olga ♥♥

Me and Andrea again ♥♥

Me with the shopping bags >_<

I love this dress ♥_♥

Andrea with her selfmade dress *__*

Andrea and the ball  xDD

☺ peace! ☺

Olga ♥♥

 our obligatory picture we take every time when we met Andrea ♥

YMCA !!! xD

My favorite picture ^^

I love my friends so much xDD

Rock´n Roll !!

I hope you like the pictures ^^ this time we took really many of pictures ☺
I also hope you enjoy reading my post, see ya !


New dresses and AP eMook !! ♥♥

Hey guys, i know i posted last time a lot of new stuff and now again *__* i really fell in love with brown stuff lately, this is the reason why i bought sweet cream house and now the wonder party jsk in brown too *__* Like you can see on the pictures i bought Candy Fun Fair jsk in red with the matching tights, Wonder Party jsk in brown and AP eMook ☺
I know everbody have an ap eMook, but i think everybody who loves Lolita should have it because it´s just fabulouse although the first model was not really great, but i´m still really excited from cff and wp jsk *__*
You know i´ve wished for a long time for a red lolita dress, i really love the color red, it´s so strong and intense ☺
Next week i got holiday and i gonna meet with my friends, making some lolita shooting etc. and in the following weekend there´s the 1 year anniversary of our lolita meet up "Royal Pony" *__* i´m so excited, so keep calm and wait for the pictures !!! See ya !

♥♥ I hope you enjoy reading my blog ☺ ♥♥


!! New stuff !!

Today i went to the customs office to get my package and I LOVE IT !! my wp and tp are soo cute i love it soo much in 2 weeks i gonna get wp jsk in brown too *__* i´m such a shopaholic but i can´t resist angelic pretty so as long as i´m young and own money by myself  i´m gonna spend my whole money for brand like angelic pretty >_<
here are some pictures ☺


4. Royal Pony "cinema doll"

Hi everyone, last weekend was the 4. Royal Pony and we went to a filmmuseum so we called the meet up "cinema doll" like angelic prettys print :)
The weather was not really good neither bad, but it doesn´t troubled us, because we were in the building :)
So after we visited the museum we went to the "rhein" shore and my cameraman took a lot of pictures from me and my friends ♥
After the photoshoot we went to a japanese restaurant " bentobox". The food was good, but we had to wait really long and the soup for my girlfriend was already cold  >_< but the meet up was too good for bad mood so later we went to the "immermanstreet" where many japanese shops are and bought ice creams, my friends prefered melons but i took the maize ice :) it was really yummy ! i love maize ice ♥♥♥
Then after we finished the ices we went to the store "ocs" where we took some puris and say goodbye to eachother  >_<
For me the meet up was really great i got a lot of fun with my friends and i can´t wait for the next meet up :)

 at Andreas home :)

 on the train station :)

in the filmmuseum :) i could only take a picture from my shadow >_< we weren´t allowed to take pictures from the exhibition :(

my girlfriend meri ♥

Meri, me and Andrea ♥

on my left in the reddress: Aimee ♥
on the right: DS: Yokorosedust ♥

me with the sweet lolitas :) ♥

All lolitas on the meet up :)

me in the restaurant :)

the food i ordered from bentobox with andrea :) ♥

and puris from me and my friends :)

i hope you like the pictures and enjoy reading my post ♥♥

see you soon :)