4. Royal Pony "cinema doll"

Hi everyone, last weekend was the 4. Royal Pony and we went to a filmmuseum so we called the meet up "cinema doll" like angelic prettys print :)
The weather was not really good neither bad, but it doesn´t troubled us, because we were in the building :)
So after we visited the museum we went to the "rhein" shore and my cameraman took a lot of pictures from me and my friends ♥
After the photoshoot we went to a japanese restaurant " bentobox". The food was good, but we had to wait really long and the soup for my girlfriend was already cold  >_< but the meet up was too good for bad mood so later we went to the "immermanstreet" where many japanese shops are and bought ice creams, my friends prefered melons but i took the maize ice :) it was really yummy ! i love maize ice ♥♥♥
Then after we finished the ices we went to the store "ocs" where we took some puris and say goodbye to eachother  >_<
For me the meet up was really great i got a lot of fun with my friends and i can´t wait for the next meet up :)

 at Andreas home :)

 on the train station :)

in the filmmuseum :) i could only take a picture from my shadow >_< we weren´t allowed to take pictures from the exhibition :(

my girlfriend meri ♥

Meri, me and Andrea ♥

on my left in the reddress: Aimee ♥
on the right: DS: Yokorosedust ♥

me with the sweet lolitas :) ♥

All lolitas on the meet up :)

me in the restaurant :)

the food i ordered from bentobox with andrea :) ♥

and puris from me and my friends :)

i hope you like the pictures and enjoy reading my post ♥♥

see you soon :)


  1. You all look adroable (^_^)~*
    And the food looks very delicious ^^

  2. oh the food was really great :) but the service was not fast enough :(

  3. Ich habe dich für den Liebster Award nominiert!