Last Puri Y_Y ♥

Hello guys ☺ I´m so sad, on the last saturday i met my friends to go to a jap. store named OCS they got a purika machine and they was going to close the store on sunday, so we went to take the last purika together and bought some stuff from the sales ☺ After we took some purika we were really hungry * i haven´t eaten breakfast * so we went to a jap. restaurant named Don and i ordered toriteri don *its a grilled chicken with rice and sauce *__* it was really yummi ☺  after the lunch we took many pictures on the way in the city and i was so happy when we met strangers who knows lolita or asking for the reason why we dresses so cute like doll ♥_♥ in all i was really happy on that day althought the weather was really cold ☺ i hope you like the pictures and of course my coord too ♥♥♥

 in the train ♥

me and Andrea ♥♥

the last Purikas Y_Y

in the restaurant * Andrea and on the right Meri BF

Meri and Olga ♥♥

Me and Andrea again ♥♥

Me with the shopping bags >_<

I love this dress ♥_♥

Andrea with her selfmade dress *__*

Andrea and the ball  xDD

☺ peace! ☺

Olga ♥♥

 our obligatory picture we take every time when we met Andrea ♥

YMCA !!! xD

My favorite picture ^^

I love my friends so much xDD

Rock´n Roll !!

I hope you like the pictures ^^ this time we took really many of pictures ☺
I also hope you enjoy reading my post, see ya !


  1. OMG du siehst soo perfekt aus May!!!!

  2. oww danke schön du bist zuu lieb ♥♥♥